With over 20 years of developing and managing technology solutions across many markets, we pride ourselves in being considered a trusted partner to our clients. In this new world of technology gadgets we understand that technology can only be of benefit when it solves specific business challenges for you.

We help our clients focus on their business operations while we focus on delivering technology solutions that reduce risks and lower business costs.


From HVAC equipment to cooling equipment to any other critical equipment at your business, we have you covered with real-time monitoring and alerting solutions.


Ever wonder why your energy costs keep increasing? Find out how much equipment and electrical fixtures cost your business.


Monitor door access, proper door closure and people activity for critical business areas and avoid unexpected business situations.


Monitoring temperature for critical business areas including freezers and food coolers means you reduce your business and insure code compliance. 

Restaurants/Food Services

Medical Clinics

Office/Retail Buildings




Our Customer Associates are ready to assist you with having peace of mind knowing that critical equipment and facility areas at your business are being monitored.

IoN energy.

Tomorrow's Technology Today.

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